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If you have come to this page looking for the past Valley sucesses, you have come to the right place! On this page, you will find a few famous match reports dug out of the archives. Some of these are famous wins, games won with 8 players, or in some cases games where current long time club players have been discovered for the very first time. Enjoy!

Date Opposition Valley Side Score
21st March 2009 Croydon IV Men's 2XI 8-0 Win Match Report Promoted Undefeated
14th November 2009 Woking Warriors Men's 3XI 6-1 Win Match Report Scorers: Coach Hall, Mr Chairman
29th January 2011 Aylesbury V Men's 3XI 3-1 Win Match Report The Aylesbury 8!
3rd November 2012 Reigate Priory Sisters Ladies' 2XI 6-0 Win Match Report Ann's 1st reported goal, Sal's 1st goal
Fisher and Povey on Tour (70's)
Valley Members on Social (90's)
Valley Men on Tour (1989)
Bognor Tour 1989
Men's 2nd XI vs Staines (Sept 2011)
Men's 2nd XI defending a short corner (Sept 2005)
Men's 2nd XI on the newly laid astro (Oct 2006)
Men's 2nd XI attacking down the left (Nov 2006)
Thames Valley Ladies (2000)
Men's 3rd XI (2012)
Ladies 1st XI (Nov 2005)
Ladies 1st XI (Nov 2005)
Men's 2nd XI (Nov 2005)
Men's 2nd XI (Nov 2005)
Men's 2nd XI (Sept 2005)
Men's 2nd XI (Nov 2005)
Ladies 1st XI (Nov 2005)
Men's 3rd XI (Feb 2005)

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