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Useful Resources

All sources and references below are to help and benefit the development of our club members. Useful resources such as up to date rules of hockey and links to various development courses, as well as links to the England hockey hub and other online training courses, have all been made available on this page to develop the club and the members of the club. Please click on the various sources and links below.

FIH, the international governing body for hockey, are responsible for the rules of Outdoor and Indoor Hockey. To view a copy of the rule book, click on the relevant link below

FIH Rules of Hockey (as of 1st January 2017)

FIH Rules of Indoor Hockey (as of 1st January 2017)

To test yourself on these rules, click on the England Hockey Hub link to a self online rules test below. You may need to create an account to get through password protected areas.

Rules Test

The England Hockey Hub has been set up to teach and train hockey players. Please click on the links below to access the main hockey hub, full of courses and tests. Below that are links to umpiring and coaching courses to further your development in the relevant field.

England Hockey Hub

Umpire Courses

Coaching Courses

For a database of our club umpires, view the spreadsheet below.

Spreadsheet of CTVHC Umpires

To view the various England Hockey Pathways and further oppotunities in youre field, whether you are a player, umpire or coach, click on the relevant link below:

Player Pathway

Umpire Pathway

Coaching Pathway

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